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I’d like to thank The Academy!

Posted Wednesday, August 13th, 2014
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Seriously, the folks who run the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowship Competition could not be more professional, encouraging, or classy. They answer emails quickly and courteously; their Facebook page is full of helpful updates without being overwhelming; and, they manage the expectations of competitors (“What if my entry hasn’t been confirmed yet?”, “Help!  I can’t get the application to load!”, “When will quarterfinalists be announced?”, etc.) with refreshing aplomb. These people have seriously got their act together.

A particularly helpful innovation in the contest this year is that they have begun to provide feedback on certain scripts.  My script In Spite of It All finished in the Top 10%, so I was one of the lucky writers to receive feedback.  I’m really pumped about it, so I’ve shared most of it below.  (I’ve redacted a couple of sentences that contained plot details that I’d rather people didn’t know prior to reading the script.)

This is an absolutely charming and enchanting script. It is almost a comedy in genre, so witty and light-hearted. But, at its core the romance is what flows from almost every scene, bringing the union of FIONA and JOSEPH together.

What could have been a staunch drama about a young woman tending to a wounded soldier in Nashville during the Civil War is lovingly turned into a clever, dare I say, romantic comedy (from the Civil War?) about the relationship between the Irish nurse and her patient [plot detail redacted here].  There is something very familiar about this script, I’m not sure if I’ve read it before but it was a great joy to read. [Hmmm... Maybe this person also read for the Blue Cat competition?]  A smile has been plastered on my face throughout most scenes, as the dialogue is both intelligent, funny and endearing.

Characters are well fleshed-out; Not only are Fiona and Joseph interesting and have a wonderful rapport, but so are KATE and BARNEY, her parents who brought her over from Ireland during the famine and have been worried about this great beauty ever since. [plot details redacted here]  This is a really nice small script. There is a little action, a lot of humor, some history and a great romance. What more could an audience want?

So, yeah.  This totally made my day.  Thanks, Team Nicholl!