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In which I finally get around to explaining the domain name.

Posted Thursday, September 16th, 2010
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After three years of doing contract work for other people’s production companies, I’ve finally decided to start shooting horse shows on my own.  This means I’m one step closer to Wise Mare Productions being a real company.  Perhaps you’ve wondered, Dear Reader, why the address of this site is  Seems random, right?

Years ago, when I was grasping at straws trying to figure out what to do with my life, I thought I might start a photography business, shooting and selling fine art horse photography.  Looking back, it was a pretty ridiculous plan.  I didn’t even know what a DSLR was at the time, and I certainly didn’t own one.  (I did own a film SLR for astrophotography, but I didn’t know that that’s what it was called, and I was pretty clueless about how to use it for shooting anything other than stars.)  I had the eye of a photographer, but not the education.  And not the tools.  And not the business sense.

But it’s hard to know what you don’t know, and I did have the $14 it took to register the site, so – tada! – Wise Mare Photography was born.  I started a CafePress store (which, incomprehensibly, I named Pony Pics; yes, I was the queen of inconsistent branding) and sold, over the course of a couple of years, probably less than two hundred dollars worth of merchandise, mostly to friends and co-workers.  A couple of ladies in Michigan discovered me on CafePress Marketplace; and so I did get to experience the thrill of selling to strangers, but only a couple of times.  (The ladies in Michigan bought the image below, printed on T-shirts.)

I guess I still haven’t explained “Why ‘Wise Mare’?”, though.  I was horrified about a year ago to find out that someone thought I was the wise mare.  I nearly ditched the site at that point.  Please, rest assured, I am not so pretentious as to call myself Wise Mare.  No, the Wise Mare is the big horse in the picture above.  Cindi has been my friend for 18 years now.  The name Wise Mare is an homage to her.  Horse people have tended to grasp this intuitively.  We’ve all had a wise, life-altering horse in our lives.  It was only when a non-horse friend said to me a year or so ago ‘You’d be a wise mare to…’ that it occurred to me that the domain name needed any explanation.  And, as I’ve already said, I was really embarrassed.  Someday I will hire a graphic designer to make me a logo.  It will feature a little girl reaching up towards the nose of a big horse.  And it will be clear, I hope, that I’m not the horse.

Anyway, I did my first solo horse show shoot last weekend, and here’s one of the videos I shot.  I hope I’ll be able to do a lot more shows and clinics this fall and winter.  It’s kind of ridiculous that I haven’t been connecting the horsey side of myself with the video-making side of myself all along.

And, in completely unrelated news, I also helped shoot a music video for Lauren Hartley on Monday. (I was one of three camera operators.)  Lauren’s an emerging pop singer, and her manager was James Brown’s manager. Yes, the James Brown.  A really nice group of people, Lauren and her team.  Though I very much want a steady, full time job, in which I can use video to make some sort of positive difference in the world, I’ve been really blessed with the freelance work I’ve gotten since graduation.  I’ll post a link to Lauren’s video when it’s done.  It’ll be the first thing I’ve shot but not edited.  That’ll be interesting.