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Finding George – TV spec pilot

Posted Friday, February 12th, 2010
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George Ogulu has been on the run for 53 years.  When he discovers he’s dying of a rare alien disease, he must decide what to do with a secret he can neither share freely nor allow to die with him.  Accompanied by his dog and pet bird, George crisscrosses the galaxy in search of someone who can handle the truth. The fate of innumerable worlds hangs in the balance.

Finding George was recently selected as a finalist in the international ATalentScout TV Writing Contest. The contest was capped at 1,000 entries, and Finding George placed within the top 18.



Update: 2/23/2010

Finding George has now made the finals in the SoCal Film Market Contest, too!




Finding George has now been reviewed by the WILDsound Feedback Festival.

Excerpts from WILDsound’s coverage:

“The opening chapter for this episodic program is indeed impressive.  The characters are interesting.  The concept is fresh.  And the storylines have the strength to survive in episodic format.”

“This proposed pilot for an ongoing series is intriguing and very well-written.  There is tragedy, comedy, and much science-fiction fantasy.”

“This is a very exciting science-fiction epic that makes for excellent drama and storyline.”

“[...] wisely written in descriptive language.  The writer has a keen sense of body language and incorporates plot exposition in a thorough manner.  The futuristic/sci-fi elements are certainly entertaining [...] And the co-habitation of alien and human civilization is fondly reminiscent of “Star Trek” and “Men in Black.”

“[...] clever in its subtlety.”